onsdag 30 april 2014

A small amount of world-building, taken from the Super Power App

Article Number, 3906520140
Database 7545 (P.U.N.E)

All the titans have their manner of followers, Tymor has the rabbits and Remagín the lions (just to take two examples), so what about their mutual father Dust? He does indeed have his own people, his helpers in his kingdom of Tomake, but they are fallen and not at all as powerful as they once were. They are the Fans.

They were originally the men in Burnt Umber, sent all over the imagined realm to see to it that Dust´s stories were followed to the letter. They fell after a great war about reasons unknown (although it is called the schism by those of themselves that are till interested in such things).

After their fall, they were divided into Fanboys and Fangirls. The Fangirls believe in influencing the world through the love of the inhabitants, while the Fanboys desire balance over all things, even happiness. All wars must be equal, all conflicts solved through equal weaponry and stalemates.

That said, they are not above picking favorites, forgetting their own mission. The leader of the Fangirls is called Isthar of war and sex and the leader of the fanboys is called the Red Don, god of canon. They are all over the world, hidden and unable to reproduce. What if they remembered their purpose? What if the remembered what they truly are? In that case, the world would be given in to fate, the fate that Dust has decided with no chance to escape. Do we want to live in such a world? Hmm, maybe not.

Therefore, maybe we should be grateful that are imagination is not ruled by Dust the almighty, that we have free will and that our thoughts can wander as they please. Although not perfects, they are precious in themselves. Well, that is not a though that we must entertain right now... 

However, these creatures have left many powerful and reality-altering devices on many worlds throughout the cosmos. The most powerful of them are, in order, the plot-twister, the plot-holer, the plot coupon manufacturer, the plot derailer and the plot threader. Some of the Fanboys are openly hostile and hateful to humans and other sentient beings, like the witch known as Sue.

What these creatures achieved when they were still known as The Men In Burnt Umber is unknown, and some of these things may remain somewhere... not their weapons listed above, but great cities and libraries housing even bigger secrets!!! Just thing about that, all that ancient secrets…

The fall of the old civilizations and tribes, the first intelligent one in the world, mind you into Fanboys and Fangirls...what brought it on? Nothing short of a calamity such as the world had ever seen, nor will be seen again!

EDIT: Most of these beings are shattered all over the Worlds, with most of the Fangirls living in the great labyrinth near the warp-zone to Foxstar. The males are known to inhabit the Airlands of Vetro, specifically the lower depths of the great library of red magic. Only two are known to inhabit Earth, and are simply known as Fangirl and Fanboy. Fanboy works as a double agent for both P.U.N and P.U.N.E, and sees to it that their conflict can never be won or ended. Fangirl lives her life in America as a lowly criminal.

Subject: RE: An article about the remains of The Men In Burnt Umber
Date: Sun, 27 Apr N-1968 12:03:01 +0200
Ludwig Hog, historian (archived)