tisdag 5 augusti 2014

A bit from a future chapter of Jackalopes (unedited)

Flying along in this balloon was much more comfortable than walking, but it was very cramped and Jane soon grew very restless. It would have been fine if she was with Jessica, Urminora or even Martha or Scrivens because then they could talk about things and hopefully find time fly by quite fast but Annabella did nothing but study her instruments, study the scenery below and sometimes ask Jane to hold something for her while she did so. Crawling down below some crates to rest, Jane picked up a fallen book and leafed through it, trying to find something to pass the time with, even if it was just more of Annabelle´s technical gibberish.

Personal log of Annabelle the elephant Screw it, its a diary &%/%/¤ I´m a girl I don´t have to call it a personal log!

I think I may have already found out the source of the recent troubles. Those idiots back at pylons one and two thought it was demons, but thanks to that new jackalope gals (Why can´t they send more of their troops over here FFS it sure would help out a lot in situations like this) and her superior eyesight we have managed to locate the source. Turns out that my spyglass magnified it even further so that she can see the fourth pylon, even if it appears to give her a headache. I like her, she is not as full of herself as some of those other jackalopes NO I AM NOT GOING TO LIKE ANY OF THEM UNTIL THEY STOP HOGGING ALL THE RESOURCES.

Well, anyway, the problem appears to be one of the guardians of the pylon itself. Now, I cannot say for sure what have happened, but it seems that the top of the forth pylon has been knocked down and replaced with a gigantic statue of some kind. The pylon is full of demons and the surrounding area filled with shades that have been driven out into the wilderness. Seems like someone is getting to big for her or his britches...Yeah, this is why I /(%¤% HATE those jackalopes sometimes. Give them some of the power of that Silvercrowned One and suddenly they think they can take over and do whatever they please! HA! That is where people like me come in, cleaning up the rabbit droppings the jackalope spread all around the underworld!

Guess I shouldn´t complain too much, though GEEZ what is with my sentimentality today!? I have made a good home for myself in the third pylon and my Life, such as it is, is quite interesting. Much more so than my boring and pampered life back in India, that much is certain. But I do miss the old country sometimes...at least it was sunny there.

Well, Jane was in deep shit now. She hadn´t meant to read Annabelle´s diary!
"Jane, we are almost at the pylon!" Annabelle called out, making Jane almost jump out of the balloon in fright.
"Jane! What are you doing down there?"
"Er...um" Jane responded while lying down, hiding the book from sight.
"I was just trying to take a cat-nap, trying to get all rested up for the battle, you know?"
"You are weird" Annabella smiled and disappeared behind the crates to Jane´s great relief.
"Anyway, we will land over by those rocks so that whoever has taken over the pylons will not see us...Stay on your toes, we are talking about someone that can command the demons and such a person is not to be trifled with!"